Co brand Property Group is an Australian owned company specialising in the pre-development opportunities of land for both residential and mixed use commercial property projects nation wide. Our guiding focus is to maximise our investor results through proactive value investing.

Our investment fund structures are developed with the aim to expose clients to the strength, growth and enhancement of property investment opportunities within the Australian environment.

Maximise investment returns through targeted development opportunities. Sourcing “Off Market” development opportunities aiming to achieve the largest return to the development. Structured investment strategies to maximise investor returns. Strong focus on “Net return on Equity” to measure our success.

Co-Brand Property Group offer investors the opportunity to invest into our selected developments at the early stage of the development life cycle. Our experienced management team select developments where we can, over time, realise optimum improved value. An example is to secure “Off Market” land, then determine what the “Highest and Best use” for the land is and what is required to deliver our benchmark “Net Return on Equity” (NROE).

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Co-Brand Property Group use specifically designed demographic tools to identify their sites using the GapMaps platform. GapMaps is the leading provider of web-based network strategy, demographic and mapping services in Australasia. GapMaps provide clients with the tools necessary to develop and refine their network strategies and make fact-based assessments regarding network growth opportunities. GapMaps clients are supported by exceptionally trained and experienced staff who ensure clients capture the business intelligence and insights made possible through their use of GapMaps.

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