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Commercial Revitalisation Development

Service stations have long been an essential go-to for consumers, but in recent years their development has grown exponentially.

The humble servo has become a key economic hub, where major brands form powerful and lucrative partnerships to reinvent the customer journey.


  • Electric car fast charging
  • Hydrogen car refuelling
  • Satellite office hubs
  • Energy storage hubs
  • Local convenience shopping
  • Delivery hubs
  • Short term car leasing drop off and pick ups
  • A local meeting place
  • Combined retail offerings
  • Local fast food offerings

In Australia, there are more than 7000 service stations and the current trend is to keep adding sites as communities sprawl ever further from city centres.

Larger players, such as BP, Coles Express, Ampol, 7-eleven, Viva and United, know they are on the verge of a consumer revolution and are rapidly developing strategies to meet the growing demand.


The Global fuel industry understands well that electric and Hydrogen cars are the future. Major fuel retailers are shifting focus and building capability to deliver greener, more efficient services. But on average, Australians update their car every seven years and they typically go through two cycles before disposal, so the shift is gradual. This is providing fuel retailers with a window to plan and evolve, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transition.

For service station owners, the challenge is to understand a site’s true development potential. Every location has its unique characteristics and opportunities, and making the wrong decision can be costly. CoBrand uses cutting-edge modelling software to identify where your future customers and competitors are, so you can make smart decisions based on facts not assumptions. We then help you build strategic brand partnerships that create lucrative new revenue streams and help to future proof your business.

Demographic assessment of your site Report to identify your opportunities Negotiation of revenue contracts/leases for the new tenants/uses Planning process management to achieve approvals of the new tenants/uses Management of additional servicing requirements for the new tenants/uses Oversight and management of construction New tenant implementation and handover.

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